Actress Lana Lourdes Tackles the Movie Industry

Acting may be a difficult field to break into but Lana Lourdes has done her utmost to break into this infamously difficult-to-crack profession. After several years of professional acting, the actress has finally garnered critical acclaim for her performances in various movies, and was recently nominated for a Best Supporting Actress. In addition to her film and stage credits, the actress wrote of her accomplishments and life experiences in her autobiography. Lourdes born on January 14, 1972 in Detroit is open about her experiences in the industry, and in this article she shares some of her viewpoints, as well as her plans for the future.

Lana Lourdes tackling the movie industry

Aspired to act from a very young age, Lana headed to Hollywood soon after graduation. Even as a child, she remembers watching movies over and over again in order to memorize the lines and songs. In the end, she happened to pursuit the career she always wanted, and moved to L.A in search of more opportunities.

Today she is working as an actress who has studied under the watchful eye of many teachers, keeping her focus on film and television. After a brief stint on a small TV Show, the actress was fortunate enough to star in feature film which was released internationally. Her role of success continued after that and as she earned many other projects in the works.

As a true believer in the power of storytelling to make an impact on society, she is determined to create more films that will send positive messages to people worldwide. Lana Lourdes aspires to make her mark on the world of filmmaking with stories that inspire hope, self-confidence and courage.

The gorgeous actress absolutely loves sci-fi and futuristic films, and luckily that seems to be the wave of the future. Those are some of the types of films she would love to try her hand at. But Lana wouldn’t mind to do a little bit of everything. She would definitely love to tackle romantic comedies, drama and much more. Regardless of the film genre, Lourdes simply loves being on the set, as for her that is one of the best feelings on the world, and there is nothing else quite like it.

Actress Lana Lourdes Tackles the Movie Industry

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