Lana’s look at the Sundance Festival

Each year, on January, the streets of the Park City, Utah, light up as the Sundance Film Festival rolls down the red carpet in for a first look at future Oscar winners and majestic documentaries. Throughout the years, some of the most influential and most famous films, from every genre possible have been screened on the festival. Actress Lana Lourdes is one of the regular guests that keep coming every year to get a sneak peek at the biggest movie names of the year.

Lana Lourdes - The Sundance Film Festival

Tickets for the festival aren’t reserved only for people in the entertainment industry, they are available for the general public. There are number of ways to get a ticket for the screenings, without spending a fortune. However tickets for big-name releases tend to sell out quite fast, so if you have your mind set for a particular film, it is better that you have a winning plan on how to bet everybody else in the race for getting a ticket. Lourdes has come up with her own plan when it comes to securing a ticket, and the important part is that you get your name on time, at the online wait lists and check out the chances of getting in before heading into the cold.

During the festival’s opening days, Park City is filled with people from every corner of the world, and it is a real treat for the eyes to see the lighted mountain town ready to welcome some of the biggest movie stars. The second half of the event however is a bit more laid-back, and that makes it quite easier for movie-lovers to get their hands at the best seats. And for the most patient ones, those who stay through to the end, there are additional screenings of award-winning movies after the ceremony. The final day of the festival is January 31.

If seeing your favorite movie star is something you’ve already dreamt of the Sundance Movie Festival is your chance for that also. And if you’re on a low budget there is also a way to achieve this. All you need to do is get a ticket for a lower-profile film in the festival’s vast selection. The scope of movie projects and stars arriving at the festival ranges from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit to Merrill Strip and Tom Hanks. Furthermore, once you’re in Park City, Utah, there are tons of fun activities you can do. One of Lana Lourdes’ favorite things to do is hitting the slopes.

Lana’s look at the Sundance Festival