Women in Hollywood

Lana Lourdes Women in Hollywood

Recently we had to opportunity to talk with actress Lana Lourdes. In the last ten years Lana has appeared in some memorable roles, winning over the hearts of the viewers. During the interview we asked for her opinion on the current status of women in the movie industry to which she replied that the entertainment industry is an open field where everyone can prosper if they’re armed with the talent needed. Speaking from her own experience she also added that those determined to succeed will find their way up, no matter how many obstacles there are on the way there. In her opinion, today there are not so many women in Hollywood simply because they’re not good or persistent enough to rise to the surface.

For every woman working in the industry, there are five men. If we look at the top 250 films of last year, only 9 percent of them are directed by women. A quarter is produced by women, a fifth is edited, a seventh written, and only one fiftieth of women filmed as director of photography. Regarding the claim that women are naturally less talented to work on set rather than men, Lourdes responded that it is this kind of shameful, low representations of women that ruin their chances in Hollywood. According to some research there are three options that trigger this misrepresentation of women, and Lana can prove all three wrong.

First of all is the silly belief that women are simply not interested in movies. As a woman, and a person surrounded by women that are passionately heated for the world of film, Lourdes can make a list out of this. And in case you think that her company is exception, the fact that 50 percent of cinema admissions in the United States, on average are bought by women says it all. So, the first option is sheer nonsense.

The second opinion is that women are interested in working on films, but no matter how hard they try, they can never break through as men run film studios and have the power to decide who’s going to work.

And finally the third claim that women want to work in the film industry, but they are not trying to break in sufficient numbers. Even if there is great interest in working in this business, they eventually give up the idea because it seems too unreachable. Lana Lourdes and many other women who are actively involved in the film industry are a living prove that where there is a will there is a way.

Women in Hollywood

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