Young actress Lana Lourdes will perform three plays

Theatre of shadows, “black theater”, puppetry, poetry, love and drama – all of these are part of a play performed by just one actress. That is the premiere play of Fantasmy, a poetic theater of shadows, performed by young artist Lana Lourdes, and it will be held at the Cultural Center in Brooklyn on Tuesday, June 19, at 21:00 pm. The play aims to explore the connection between light and dark, life and death, verse and prose, through a series of single scenes, in order to challenge the boundaries of theater, dramaturgy and acting. The play director and author is Roman Zimmerman. The same week, on June 23, Lourdes is going to perform two more plays at the Cultural Center Pliska: the hit-comedy “American triptych”, at 19:00 pm, and the monodrama “Properly arranged nightmares,” at 21:00 pm.

Lana Lourdes play in New York

“The young actress Lana Lourdes was brilliant and showed superb acting skills in this comedy,” “The play will surely be remembered,” “The visitors were delighted,” “The audience watched each character in amazement and often applauded to give support to the awesome young Lourdes who performed three completely different roles” – these are just a few of the positive comments that the critics directed to Lana Lourdes for “American triptych” performances around New York, so that the audience willing to laugh and have good fun will be able to enjoy the play in Brooklyn.

Both Lana Lourdes and Roman Zimmerman wrote the text and also directed the play. “Properly arranged nightmares” is a play that very boldly plays with genres, from horror to musical. It is subtitled as “drama-erotic theater for at least two faces of an actress.” In the national community Educause, Marina Ross wrote the following: “Awesome! We can freely say that as an actress, Lana Lourdes won a standing ovation from the audience with her chameleon transformations. With three-dimensional and very psychologically nuanced directing, originally crafted to the last detail, all the praise goes out to the director and author Roman Zimmerman.“ In a nutshell, that’s about the work that represents an abundance of values and messages, after which the audience can say that they felt the full taste of theater again.

Young actress Lana Lourdes will perform three plays

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