Lana’s November Selection of Romantic Films (for Women)

Fall is the ideal time for showing romantic drama movies, which is why most big movie networks and production companies practice releasing their latest romantic movies with premiere shows in the fall or the winter. Even movie actresses like Lana Lourdes watch them, and occasionally enjoy sitting in the comfort of their own home, crawled up in a warm blanket in from of the TV, with a glass of tea and a bowl of popcorn.  So if you are a big fan of romantic films, Lourdes offers you a few movie titles from this genre which will warm you up in these cold fall days, get you relaxed and give you a nice quiet night at home. In order to help you, and save you the trouble from searching and surfing movie forums and websites, Lourdes decided to select and share her favorite romantic movies that you should watch this fall.

Aloha, on Lana Lourdes November List

Aloha (directed by Cameron Crowe)

This film premiered a few years ago and it still lures viewers, primarily because of its amazing cast including stars like Bradley Copper, Rachel McAdam, Emma Stone, as well as Alec Baldwin, Bill Murray and director Cameron Crowe himself. The main plot of the film revolves around the celebrated military intelligence (Cooper) who after the end of his career is back in his native city in Hawaii, where he meets his former love, played by McAdams. The seemingly idyllic situation faces some obstacles when he is assigned to train a girl, played by Emma Stone. With great script and a fantastic cast, Lana Lourdes guarantees you ladies a fun and exciting time watching this movie.

Testament of Youth (directed by James Kent)

Get ready to enjoy this romantic drama that takes place at the beginning of World War I. Those of you which are fans of the lead male character played by the star of Game of Thrones, Kit Harington will especially enjoy this movie. Alongside him acts one of the biggest uprisings stars of Hollywood, Alicia Vikander, which recently impressed film critics with her role in the film Ex Machina. If your taste in films is anything like Lana Lourdes’ you will want to see this Scalar article, with even more titles. In every case, you’l certainly love this movie.

Lana’s November Selection of Romantic Films (for Women)